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Planning and Managing the Deployment of WebSphere Commerce

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IBM has released a Redbook titled “Planning and Managing the  Deployment of WebSphere Commerce”. Implementing and Deploying WebSphere Commerce is a complicated process since the software package is more than just e-commerce web site, it was actually a way of doing business.  When implementing WebSphere Commerce you are running a competitive eCommerce business, that runs marketing campaigns and promotions to generate sales, runs an efficient back office to fulfill orders and keep your customers coming back for more purchases.

This publication shows you how to start planning to use all the capabilities of WebSphere Commerce effectively, to improve your business, and also to do eCommerce efficiently on a global scale.

We at Peningo Systems strongly recommend this RedBook for any WebSphere Commerce Consultant / WebSphere Commerce Architect / e-Commerce Architect who are involved in designing, developing, and deploying an e-commerce solution utilizing WebSphere Commerce.

The Table of Contents Consists of:

Part 1. Know your eCommerce solution
Chapter 1. Identify your business context
Chapter 2. What WebSphere Commerce provides
Chapter 3. Complete your eCommerce solution

Part 2. Plan your eCommerce project
Chapter 4. First steps
Chapter 5. Organize your eCommerce resources
Chapter 6. Challenges and pitfalls

Part 3. Plan your eCommerce infrastructure
Chapter 7. Patterns of infrastructure for eCommerce
Chapter 8. Best of breed infrastructure
Chapter 9. Size your infrastructure
Chapter 10. Development, test, and production environments

Part 4. Keep on running
Chapter 11. Running your Web site
Chapter 12. Troubleshoot your eCommerce site
Appendix A. Solution Outline Template
Appendix B. Business Vision Template

To view and download the RedBook Draft in PDF, please go to the link below:

Planning and Managing the Deployment of WebSphere Commerce

If you wish to view the IBM Resource link for this Redbook, please go to the flowing link:


Click here to view the Redbook Resource page


If you wish to purchase a hard copy of this Redbook, please go to the following link:


Click here to Purchase this RedBook

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