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Customizing Websphere Portal Express for Small Business

For small to medium size companies who are considering implementing a Portal Solution for their Enterprise, IBM WebSphere Portal Express is an excellent entry Portal Solution. WebSphere Portal Express is designed for organizations of under 1000 users or departments within larger organizations. WebSphere Portal Express helps organizations and teams with collaboration, document management / sharing documents, deployment and maintenance of Web sites, instant messaging, accessing applications & content, and personnel with in the organization.

IBM has recently release a Redpaper Draft titled “IBM WebSphere Portal Express - Customizing Portal Express for Small to Medium Business. For companies considering a Portal Solution, I would recommend to review this Redpaper Draft to learn more on what is entailed in Implementing and Customizing WebSphere Portal Express for your Organization before making any commitments.

To view the Redpaper Draft in PDF, please go to the link below:




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