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Configuring WebSphere Portal to use Tivoli Access Manager

The "IBM WebSphere Portal Tivoli Access Manager Configuration Wizard" is an application that assists Portal Administrators through the task of configuring WebSphere Portal to use Tivoli Access Manager. With this tool, the WebSphere Portal Administrator can automate the following:
  • Setup the Trust Association Interceptor (TAI) in WebSphere Application Server
  • Configuring the WebSEAL junction (TCP or SSL options)
  • Setup the Tivoli Access Manager (TAM) Credential Vault adapter
  • Configure the Tivoli Access Manager for Authorization, or Externalization of Portal roles
  • Configure the JAAS login modules
  • Provide Backups to the files that are modified during the configuration
The IBM Developer Works is a great web site that offers a wealth of information regarding IBM Application information, troubleshooting issues, tutorials, etc.. To see more details regarding implementing the IBM WebSphere Portal Tivoli Access Manager Configuration Wizard, please go to the following link at IBM:


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